CBA Series

Mi-T-M CBA Series mobile gas powered pressure washers

The CBA Aluminum Series

The popular CBA Series of pressure washers feature a lightweight aluminum frame, base plate and belt guard; making them one of the lightest weight industrial-quality models in the industry.  With a gasoline powered engine, this portable unit is designed to go anywhere.


  • Belt drive triplex piston AR or General pump with ceramic plungers
  • Stainless-steel and brass unloader with adjustable pressure
  • Forged brass manifold
  • Thermal relief valve
  • Water filter with clear sleeve for screen inspection


  • Performance-proven engine with low-oil protection


  • Light, corrosion resistant aluminum frame
  • 1-inch aluminum tube handles for easier pulling
  • Aluminum base plate
  • Two-piece belt guard for quick access to belts
  • Solid 78-inch diameter full-length threaded axle
  • Convenient nozzle holder for quick connect nozzles
  • Pneumatic tires and dual rubber isolators


  • Dual cogged belt drive system for increased belt life

Units Include:

  • Quick connect nozzles (0°, 15°, 25° and 40°)
  • 50-foot x 38-inch non-marking hose with quick connects, swivel and bend restrictors
  • Professional-grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock-off
  • 48-inch lance with rubber grip

CBA Aluminum Series Models

Model No. PSI GPM Displacement/Engine Pump Dimensions L x W x H  Ship Wt. (lbs) Net Wt. (lbs)
 CBA-3504-0MHB  3500  3.7  389cc Honda OHV  AR  47in.x27.5in.x28.5in  215 lb  165 lb.
 CBA-3504-0MKB  3500  3.7  429cc Kohler OHV  AR  47in.x27.5in.x28.5in  215 lb  165 lb.
 CBA-3504-0MRB  3500  3.7  404cc Subaru OHC  AR  47in.x27.5in.x28.5in  215 lb  165 lb.
 CBA-3504-1MHB*  3500  4.0  389cc Honda OHV  General  47in.x27.5in.x28.5in  215 lb  165 lb.
 CBA-4004-0MHB  4000  3.4  389cc Honda OHV  AR  47in.x27.5in.x28.5in  215 lb  165 lb.
 CBA-4004-0MKB  4000  3.4  429cc Kohler OHV  AR  47in.x27.5in.x28.5in  215 lb  165 lb.
 CBA-4004-0MRB  4000  3.4  404cc Subaru OHC  AR  47in.x27.5in.x28.5in  215 lb  165 lb.
 CBA-4004-1MHB*  4000  3.5  389cc Honda OHV  General  47in.x27.5in.x28.5in  215 lb  165 lb.


 50-0161  High pressure detergent injection - High pressure water mixes with detergent to clean even the heaviest build-up  All models
 AW-8400-0021  Low pressure detergent injection - Allows the user to apply the recommended detergents  All models

Insulated dual lance - Has both a high and low pressure tip that allows you to switch to the low pressure chemical injector
without having to change tips

 All models
 CX-0082  External bypass system - Allows more water into the system to protect from heat build-up; attaches to the pump  All models except 1MHB