Erosion Control

Erosion control products offered by US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions

Erosion Control

US HydroTech Environmental Solutions is bringing exciting technology to the field of erosion and sediment control with the use of Ertec Perimeter Sediment Control line of products.

Cut BMP Costs in Half:

  • Installation Speed: Typically more than twice as fast.
  • Maintenance: There is almost no maintenance over the course of a long project, except to remove accumulated sedment. ERTEC products do not slump or decay and rarely washout.
  • Removal Speed: Typically more than four times as fast
  • Total Costs on your project: Significantly lower. And since the material is reusable, you save even more on the next project.
Improve Sediment Control Performance:

  • Long Term Stability: There is almost no decay, wind driven knock-overs, or trench washouts over the course of a long project. This leads to better long term performance.
  • Easy to Get it Right: Because it is easier to install ERTEC products, failures are less likely, leading to better long-term sediment control performance.
  • Water flows thru and spreads out: Traditional BMPs work by ponding water, creating a barrier to flow.  Pressure from ponding water can cause washouts and overtopping. ERTEC filters while allowing flow-thru, minimize these affects.
  • Test Results: Independent lab tests show outstanding sediment control performance for a passive device over mutiple consecutive storms.
Achieve better than ZERO Waste:

These products decrease the load on landfills. Better than ZERO Waste because they are:
  • Recycled: Made from Recycled Materials
  • Reusable: Reusable on multiple projects. 3, 4, 5, 6 uses are common.
  • Recyclable: Because they are made of HDPE (#2), they can be recycled at the end of life.