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US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions

US HydroTech Environmental Solutions

Washing vehicles, parts, equipment and machinery or using water in a manufacturing process generates water that must be captured and treated prior to reuse and eventually discharge to sewer systems.  US HydroTech Environmental Solutions provides answers to businesses, industry or governmental operations in meeting local, state, and federal regulations for discharge of wash or process water. US HydroTech Environmental Solutions can reduce liability and add value to any establishment that uses water in their operation.

US HydroTech Environmental Solutions offers customized evaluation of the appropriate technology for wash water treatment. We also offer equipment installation, maintenance services along with employee training in Best Management Practices (BMPs) designed to reduce water usage, reduce costs and reduce liability. The combination of experience and expertise allows US HydroTech Environmental Solutions to be a single source Provider of answers to any size business, from those who use a single pressure washer for equipment to a manufacturing plant washing thousands of parts each day.

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DUNs Number: 010-729113

Porta-Pad Washpad Containment System with pressure washer, air compressor, carwash mat, in a wash rack setup, with the porta-pad being a portable carwash containment system


US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions offers a variety products to address the needs of capturing, treating and disposing on commercial and industrial waste water along with rain and gray water.  We can package various equipment and products to meet the needs of your business and water needs.


US Hydrotech Service Truck, servicing a portable car wash pad.

Water Management Services

US Hydrotech Environmental Systems offers a variety of services ranging from Site inspections, equipment Installation and maintainence to assisting clients with Product Implementation, System Design and BMP (Best Management Practices).  We also offer installation of all of our equipment and that of select other systems.


Our Purpose

Why does US HydroTech Environmental Solutions exist?  Well, to answer that question we must first look at the impact on the environment from how we live. US HydroTech Environmental Solutions is committed to providing resources to any and all individuals and organizations that have questions relating to wash water and water run-off and how it effects the environment, which in turn, relates to the technologies we provide as solutions.