Bentonite One Step Waste Removal System - Cleartreat

Cleartreat Waste Water Treatment Systems from US Hydrotech


Clear Treat

"One-Step Dry reactant rendering sludge Non-hazardous."

ClearTreat Reactant provides superior separation and flocculation, in a simple, affordable process. ClearTreat is a mixture of Sodium Bentonyte clay and select polymers. ClearTreat Reactant is an excellent choice for removing oils, greases, and metals found in most wastewater streams. ClearTreat systems are designed for low flow, high loading waste streams, which allows the system to work with little to no dilution.

US Hydro Tech Environmental Solutions custom designs filtration systems for use with ClearTreat Reactant. The size, capacity and operating characteristics of each system is tailored to the individual needs of clients.

How Clear Treat Works

When ClearTreat enters the waste stream, it releases a dry acid which causes the oil to coalesce and separate from the wastewater. The polymer attracts and entangles oil particles and draws the clay into the entangled mass.

Next, a dry base is released cause the metallic hydroxides to precipitate. The polymer, with it entangle containments, is attracted to the ClearTreat. The oils and metals bond into the interior of the ClearTreat platelets, locking them in.

The ClearTreat then starts to gather in larger clumps, creating a floc. The resulting mass is a mixture of microencapsulated containments and waste solids held together by electrostatic forces.

The containments that were microencapsulated become surrounded by a barrier of clay particles and are not available to external leaching fluids, which are kept from the interior of the clay pocket.

Once the ClearTreat has completed its process, the mixture of ClearTreat and the waste water are processed through a separation media. The ClearTreat, which is now a flocculent, is separated from the water. The flocculent emerges in the form of sludge which, in most cases, can be managed as a non-hazardous waste. The treated water is now ready for reuse or discharge.