Water Treatment & Recycle System - WTR Series

Water Treatment and Recycling System

1. Surface-Mount Sump Pump - Untreated wash water is introduced into the system via a 1.0 HP surface-mount sump pump, which is included and located on the unit.

2. Activated Carbon Filter - The final treatment stage of the system occurs as the water is filtered through activated carbon which absorbs hydrocarbons, herbicides, pesticides, metals and dozens of other carbon-based constituents. Activated carbon also works as a polisher for treated water to remove chlorides.

3. pH Controller (WX-0130 option) - The automated pH control system keeps the water at an appropriate pH level so the germicide is effective at killing bacteria and controlling odor.

4. ORP Controller (WX-0131 option) - For longer term control of bacteria, the ORP injection system automatically measures and injects a germicide to control odor by killing odor-causing bacteria.

5. Cartridge Filter - Designed to trap and remove solids from the water. Reusable 5 and 30-micron dual filters. Pressure gauge indicates when filters need to be changed or cleaned.

6. Treated Water in Holding Tank - Once the water is treated, it is pressurized where it will be ready for reuse at 30-PSI to 50-PSI.

7. Electrical Control Panel - NEMA-4 rated corrosion-proof control panel for safe and reliable operation, CSA listed.

8. Corona Discharge Ozone Injection (#855-0046 option) - Wash water is injected with a high concentration of ozone via a corona discharge ozone injection system for a "quick kill" of live bacteria on contact. Ozone also breaks up emulsified oils, allowing them to coalesce.

Mi-T-M's recycle systems are designed to remove free hydrocarbons and filter water to be sent back
through a pressure washer or discharge into a sanitary sewer.

WTR Series Recycle Systems Combine Enhanced Design with State-of-the-Art Technology to Offer:
– Quality recycled wash water without common odor problems
– Easy operation and maintenance
– Poly skid is constructed of hardened polymer to be non-corrosive and can be easily lifted and moved with a forklift from all sides
– CSA approved control panel which meets the requirements of the US and Canadian
standards for an Industrial Control Panel
– CSA listed NEMA-4 corrosion-proof control panel for safe and reliable operation
– Pumps are easily accessible
– Hose connectors are designed for easy accessibility and quick installation;
the connectors are clearly marked
– 5 and 30-micron filters

The WLP Series is perfect for the following applications:

– Rental Yards
– Heavy Equipment Dealers
– Trucking Facilities
– Military Bases
– Truck Rental Fleets
– Diesel Repair Facilities
– Forklift Washing Operations
– Aircraft Maintenance & Restoration
– Shipyards
– Municipalities/State DOTs
– Oil Fields
– Engine Rebuilders & Manufacturers

Full Technical Download provided by US Hydrotech: 

WTR Series Brochure