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Water Mgmt. Services

Water Management and Consulting Including BMP's and SWPPP

Water Compliance Consulting

Regulations governing water discharge are complex and becoming more stringent. US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions has considerable experience and knowledge of this regulatory framework. We interact constantly with agencies such as the Regional Water Quality Control Boards, local Municipal Sewage Treatment Agencies, local Consolidated Uniform Program Agency (CUPA) officials, and County or City permitting departments.

Our consulting services include serving as a part of the project management team. We represent our clients and interact with various agencies in order to secure timely approval of plans and projects. As we navigate the complexities of regulations, our clients can spend their time running their business.

BMP and SWPPP Management

Best Management Practices (BMP's) are activities that eliminate, reduce or treat discharges that would otherwise negatively impact storm water or sanitary sewer systems.

BMP's consist of both physical features and behavioral activities. An example of a physical feature would be a containment pad which captures wash water and a filtration system which cleanses water before discharge. An example of a behavioral action is an employee training program in which employees learn the proper methods of containing a fluid spill.

Proper development and use of BMP's add to business profitability and reduce liability.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans or SWPPP's, are put in place when runoff from rain or snow melt flows over the land and does not percolate into the ground. Storm water can damage land and erode away soil that keeps the land together. Storm water can also carry trash and pollutants from one area to another. Having a good SWPPP in place is vital to preserving the land around you. 

US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions has extensive experience in developing BMP's and SWPPP tailored to meet the individual needs of a business and delivering the right systems and products to achieve affordable solutions. In addition, we are experienced in developing training manuals, literature and conducting employee training sessions.

Equipment Maintenance

US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions offers maintenance programs for virtually all components of a system. This includes activities such as wash pad cleaning, pressure washer maintenance, filter replacements and complete system inspections. Proper care and maintenance of components results in optimal performance and an extended life of machinery and equipment.

Allowing us to perform this function can reduce labor costs and allow clients to focus on their core business.

Residual Hauling and Waste Disposal

Wash systems may generate by-products such as spent reactant, sludge or other solids. US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions can provide hauling and disposal services for these residual materials. In many cases these products can be recycled and integrated in to the manufacturing of products such as asphalt or concrete. In some cases wash water residuals will contain hazardous materials that cannot be simply thrown away.

Our hauling services can be arranged on a schedule or on an "on-call" basis. Clients using this service are assured of proper disposal of material and beneficial reuse wherever possible. It also results in saving the expense of having employees transporting products off site.

Electronic System Controls

US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions offers electronic system controls for operating something as simple as a wash system, water treatment system, water storage system, etc.  

Control panels allow clients the benefit of automating pump and chemical dosing operations. Automated systems can easily monitor performance of components and provide for data collection for reference or reporting. Automation also adds to system reliability and can reduce labor costs associated with operations by providing relevant information on your computer or phone.  

System Design Services

US Hydrotech designs wash systems which are tailored to the individual needs of customers. These customized solutions avoid "over design" an unnecessary expense to clients. US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions knows that personalized service is the foundation of strong, long-lasting relationships which adds value and security to a client's business.