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Bentonite One-Step Waste Removal Systems

When oils, greases and metals are present in low-flow, high-loading wastewater, ClearTreat dry reactant provides a one-step solution to neutralizing and separating those contaminants. Comprised of a clay that attaches to oils and metals, it attracts and encapsulates unwanted particles and assembles into a mass of clumps. The resulting floc can be more easily removed through mechanical separation.

Designed to work with little to no dilution, the Bentonite clay product brings the hazardous waste together while our filtration systems finish the task of removal from the water. Contact US HydroTech for customized solutions to your waste removal needs.


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Bentonite Clear Treat System
Bentonite Clay System
Bentonite One-Step Waste Removal System
Clear Treat System
Bentonite Clear Treat System