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WLP-40 Series

Separates oil, water and solids. 

These recycle systems are designed to remove free hydrocarbons and filter the water to be sent back through a pressure washer. They come standard with pH and ORP injection. All systems are designed with corrosion-resistance stainless-steel tanks.

The WLP Series recycle systems combine enhanced design with state-of-the-art technology to offer:

·Quality recycled wash-water without common odor problems
·Easy operation and maintenance
·CSA approved control panel which meets the requirements of the US and Canadian standards for an Industrial Control Panel
·Pumps are easily accessible
·Poly skid is constructed of hardened polymer to be non-corrosive. It can also be easily lifted and moved with a forklift
·CSA listed NEMA-4 rated corrosion-proof control panel for safe and reliable operation
·Hose connectors are designed for easy accessibility and quick installation
·Recommended Air Compressor AM1-HE02-05M for use with auto-backwash models

The WLP Series is perfect for the following applications:

·Rental yards
·Heavy equipment dealers
·Trucking facilities
·Truck rental fleets
·Diesel repair facilities
·Forklift washing operations
·Aircraft maintenance and restoration
·Municipalities/State DOTs
·Oil fields
·Engine rebuilders and manufacturers
·Military bases

Models Available:

WLP-40-0M10           230V, 1Ø, 30.0A  600 sq. ft. cartridge filter
(2) 96in.x60in.x60in. Dimensions (LxWxH)  3,200 lb. ship weight

WLP-40AB-0M10*  230V, 1Ø, 30.0A  60-100 PSI air required
84in.x108in.x60in. Dimensions (LxWxH)      3,100 lb. ship weight

WLP-40AB-0M30*  230V, 3Ø, 17.0A  60-100 PSI air required
84in.x108in.x60in. Dimensions (LxWxH)      3,100 lb. ship weight 

*Auto-backwash models (air required 60 to 100-PSI)
230/208/460V 3-phase available on all models as options

The Importance of a Proper Pit System:

Once equipment is washed, the untreated wash water flows into your pit system. A proper pit system for your application is the first step in proper wash water treatment and a critical element in any wash water recycle system.

Consult Mi-T-M Corporation or your local distributor to determine the pit system configuration that works best for your application.


Flow Rate 0-40 GPM
Media Filter (Custom Mix) 900 lb.
Carbon Filter (degassed) 165 lb.

Weights & Dimensions

Net Weight 0.00 lbs.
Shipping Weight 0.00 lbs.
Length 0.00 in.
Width 0.00 in.
Height 0.00 in.

Replacement Air Filter AT-4007

Moisture trapping replacement filter

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