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Pit Cleaner

The pit cleaner is the right tool to aid in the clean-up of solids in hard-to-reach places.  It is designed to draw and strain the solids that collect in wash-water pits. 

Effective in applications such as:

·Mud and sludge pits
·Sand pits
·Heavy grass clean-up

Use with pressure washers 2.0 GPM up to 5.0 GPM and 1000-PSI up to 4000-PSI

The Importance of a Proper Pit System:

Once equipment is washed, the untreated wash water flows into your pit system. A proper pit system for your application is the first step in proper wash water treatment and a critical element in any wash water recycle system.

Consult Mi-T-M Corporation or your local distributor to determine the pit system configuration that works best for your application.

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